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Privacy Policy:​

We at Private Taj Tour protect your privacy. We may utilize the unique identifying information you give us. Such as your name, address, and other details—for internal record-keeping, statistical analysis, and other uses. If you have registered with one of our partners and you visit our site by “clicking through”. From their website, then we may receive certain information. About you that you have given them. To find out what information and how you consented to our partner. Using it, you should consult the privacy policy of the website that sent you to ours.

Without permission from the user or customer, Private Taj Tour will not sell, trade, or divulge any information. Obtained from the user for, or use of, any online service (including names and addresses). To third parties (unless necessary to comply with a subpoena, search warrant. Or other legal process, or if the user or others are in imminent danger of physical harm). We will grant access to the information to suppliers. Such as hotels, railroads, and airlines. So they can validate your tickets or reservations and deliver you the benefits. We, or any of our associates, partners, or group companies. May get in touch with you to make offers or provide details. About goods or services that we think might be useful to you. We might get in touch with you for market research now and then.

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